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jason saunders


When Jason was in the eighth grade he took a career aptitude test. Cosmetologist came up number one!  "Is that like a Russian astronaut?"Jason asked.  "Nope, it's someone who applies makeup on people." said the young, ill-informed test giver.  Jason laughed it off and repressed all urges to play with peoples hair for the next 20 years!  After pursuing a career in ceramics, Jason woke up one day in 2001 and realized that it really is hard to make a living as an artist! With a push from his mother (a counselor turned hair stylist) Jason enrolled in beauty school and hasn't looked back! "I'm still an artist," Jason says "but now I'm a fiber artist!" When creating with hair, Jason likes to figure out what a person's hair wants to do and than make it to do that really well.  And Jason's mom?  She moved to Corvallis in 2013 and has become an obsessive ceramicist!
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Tired of the drama of your current salon?    Tired of dispense sinks full of dirty color bowls and brushes?  If you would like to work in a spacious sparkling clean salon with lot's of natural light and fresh air you need to give Jason'Salon a look.    If you would like to talk about booth rental opportunities at Jason'Salon please give us a call. 

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